Part Distribution LLC is a contract manufacturer/ sourcing service based out of Burnsville, MN.
One of our largest clients out of Toronto has been buying these stainless steel inserts through us every 4-5 months for the last 1.5 years.
Their annual volume for this part is currently 5,000 pcs. The quote is $1.00 for 2,500 pcs including freight or 85¢ for 5,000 pcs.
The client likes to buy only 2,500 at a time because buying more ties up too much capital that they want to use to grow. We have an exclusive contract with them so that they only buy from us, for $1.00 each and will continue to do so for at least 2 more years.

Investment opportunity
Since the business is paying $1.00 each right away for the first 2,500 pcs, due to the volume discount, it would only take an investment of $1,750 to buy the second 2,500 pcs. at the same time. This is an actual cost per piece of 70¢. The business is under contract to buy those 2,500 pcs within 12 months for $1.00 each. This would be a 43.9% return on investment after about one year to anyone who buys 2,500 pcs in full or in part now.

Part Distribution LLC is making this investment opportunity available to the public.
You can buy as few as 100 pcs or as many as 2,500 pcs and contract with us to store and sell them to the business for $1.00 each. You should start getting checks within roughly 8 months and should be paid back in full plus ROI within 12-14 months.

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