When you think of cost savings, you usually don’t think about the packaging consumables you use to ship out your product.

A client asked us in passing if we knew of a lower-cost supplier for regular cardboard edge protectors used to preserve the corners of palletized goods. They sent us a link to the Uline product page where they purchased them for 77 cents a piece. Each of their shipments used between 4 – 8 protectors, so they were spending $3.08 to $6.16 on these per outbound shipment.

Immediately, we snapped to work. We found a different product page on the Uline website that had the same exact SKU — this time listed at 62 cents per unit. It was very odd to find two different prices on their website, but it’s hard to argue with a 19% savings.

But we didn’t stop there; we kept looking. Literally within the hour, we ended up finding other U.S. suppliers with the exact-same edge protectors for as low as 32 cents, including shipping!

Our client made an order and received them within a week for an ongoing savings of 58%.