Solving problems quickly

Due to an internal error at one of my client’s offices, they made a crucial order far too late. They needed their custom shrink wrap product received in time for it to make it through their distribution chain and onto store shelves in time for their busy season. Normally we can put a fire under our suppliers and make miracles happen, but this time was different. Chinese new year. A holiday that means so little to us, literally means China shuts down for a week minimum. Everything from every factory to customs and freight. If your product isn’t actually in the air or on the ocean before the holiday starts, there is zero chance your order is leaving China for 2 additional weeks.

And as you can imagHeat-shrink-PVCine, before and after this holiday is very tight for suppliers as they have to cram so much into so little time.

Well, our supplier was already shutting down early so their employees could have an extra long holiday. So they simply could not create the product. Sometimes you simply have no choice, delays happen. No matter how detrimental it can be. But we saw a glimmer of hope and had an idea.

Why not find a completely new supplier within a day, get them to manufacture a new product they have never seen before and air ship it during their busiest season to a client they have no history with. What could go wrong?

Long story short, we found two suppliers willing to try. But one of them could make the actual product in time, but not the retail packaging. The other supplier could make the retail packaging, but not the product itself. It just so happened that these two suppliers were in the same city and they were both very willing to work with us and each other to get the product produced and in the air before their holiday. It actually even slightly lowered the total cost.

We now have completely switched over to these two new suppliers and dropped the old supplier.  These two suppliers pulled through for us, strangers, under impossible circumstances. We keep bringing orders to both suppliers so that we now always have a backup if we ever run into issues again.

We have actually built a very good friendship that has lasted for years.