We are proud to offer a unique value added distribution plan like no other.

Our program is designed to help maximize your cash flow by keeping our own stock of your products at our cost in our warehouse in Minnesota. You will be able to order from that stock with little to no minimum-order-quantity and very low lead times. In most cases, we don’t charge a premium for this service because we are able to find other ways throughout the supply chain to reduce cost to pay for this service. This distribution plan may be available even if you want to keep using your own manufacturer.

Here is how it works:

  • To get you started in our system, we require you first make a bulk order just like you normally would at your normal landed cost.
  • What we do is jump in and double or even triple the volume of that order at our cost. We pay the additional cost directly to the supplier and take over the logistics from there. Our goal is to order one full year’s supply of the product in total.
  • Once the order is finished, we use our freight forwarder to ship the entire order to our warehouse in Minnesota. From there, we ship your half to you and we store our half in our warehouse.
  • Once your inventory is depleted, you can order from our stock as you need it. You pay freight from Minnesota to where ever you want us to send it. In which case we have no minimum order and the lead time is pretty much only as long as it takes to ship from Minnesota. This is called our Gold Service.
  • Once our stock starts running low, depending on how things went and a few other factors, we may be able to simply keep our stock replenished from then on at our cost so you might never have to order bulk again. Or, we can just repeat this process. This is called our Platinum Service.

Our costs to do this are covered by the volume discount and freight savings that was generated by our extra capital. This is how we are able to offer the distribution option without charging a premium. We generated our own source of revenue with our capital.

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