Our Rates

Of course we offer free consultation so we can see if we will be a good fit before costing you any money. We are always happy to sign any non-disclosure agreement or other agreements you may have.

The reason we can guarantee the lowest prices in the world is because we don’t treat our services like a commodity. All sourcing agent services are most definitely not created equal. So unlike most sourcing agents, we do not add a markup. You pay the prices we find without any secrets or hidden kickbacks. Instead of charging you a percentage of the total shipment, we charge a royalty on the sell side.

We do not add a markup.

This gives us the freedom to continue working on reducing your cost any chance we get now or in the future without it being counterproductive to our compensation. A normal sourcing agent who charges a flat percent of the total you spend, or a percent of the pie. What incentive do they have to continue reducing your cost? If all that extra work, and it is a lot of extra work, cuts your cost in half, they make literally half as much compensation because they shrunk the pie. Their only hope to simply break even on compensation is if you double the order as a result. To get paid for that extra work, you would have to triple the order. Possible, but not likely.

That is why we charge a royalty instead of a commission.

As you can probably see with our process, it is extremely labor intensive. We incur an exceptional amount of cost in what we do. We become invested financially and emotionally in you and your product so it is in our vested interest to make sure you succeed. We are in it for the long hall with you and don’t even get any compensation until after you have started actually selling the products we help you find. So we do not accept all clients and reserve the right to turn down any potential client that does not fit our criteria as a partner. Other times we might require a deposit to begin work or change our structure as needed to fit your needs the best.