A client of ours owns a local fabrication shop, and came to us asking for raw shapes out of sheet aluminum for a marine-related product. He planned to take those parts, weld them together, powder coat, and package them for retail. We had other plans.

This was a new client with very little experience with China, and figured the best way to cut secondary operation costs was to do the work himself. Thus, the raw components.

But when we showed him the prices and fully finished samples from five different suppliers, he was singing a different tune. The fully assembled prices from China were less than half the price he was paying for just the raw material in the U.S. This allowed him to free up resources for other tasks, such as growing sales.

In our research of the product, we also identified two complementary accessories — and found prices. The client has since added these to his product line as well.

Additionally, we were able to provide the client’s sales team with a highly detailed contact list of (thousands of) retailers and distributors across the country who carry marine related products. This client essentially stumbled into the marine product market by chance and is now set to make waves.